Friday, December 18, 2009

Enter clever title here.

Well, I've tried blogging before, but I guess I'll try this again.

Just to introduce you to me, I think I'll start by saying I'm not your average girl. I don't like playing with make-up and I would rather do other things with my time than shopping. My feet are too big to be shoe-crazy. I love playing sports and video games, as well as listening to music.

I am crazy about a boy. I have been since the moment I met him. I spent 3 long years fighting to get him to fall for me, all the while trying to get over him, and he completely rejected my advances, although he was my best friend. Then he left on his mission and he finally told me that he loved me too. That was two years ago and, well, judging from my picture, you can only guess how that's gone.

About my family: I love my family. I am the oldest. My sister is married and my brother gets married tomorrow. Then there's my youngest brother who is still in high school. While we're far from perfect, I'm grateful I have been able to grow up with my family.



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