Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vamlumtime's Day? Kay....

I need to rant...

I'm really not looking forward to V-Day. I have no problem with those who like Valentine's Day, but personally my aversion to it is that I've never had anyone to share it with (even when I did, it was lame... plus one time I was on my mission) and I've never really felt "loved." I guess that comes from years and years of hate being pushed towards me for no reason. I never felt pretty or wanted, and sometimes I still feel the same way. Whenever I see a couple, especially on Vamlumtime's Day, I feel personally (emotionally, to be specific) "attacked" (yeah, ridiculous, I know). I feel so alone.

I really don't know what else to say... I just needed to write this out. Make it known, I guess.

Night ya'll.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow. Totally forgot about this blog. Haha. Let's see what's been going on...

Basically, my sister-in-law had her baby and she's freaking ADORABLE. Seriously, I got to babysit once. It was definitely an adventure. XD

I'm back in school after some crazy stuff with a roommate. I don't know how I feel about it yet... But basically, I want to go to school for something else. :S Sucks, because I graduate from this program in like July or August. (Don't really know which one.) I'm going to finish it, don't worry. (MOM.) Plus it'll help me go through school for editing, which I REALLY want to do.

I've been sick the past few days... Well, really, since I moved back home. I've seriously had about a month's time at the most in the past four when I haven't been sick. I am so tired of it... I just wish it would go away and I could be healthy. Grrrr.

Anyway, that's it for updates right now. Haha. Boring, yeah.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I know I don't update this much. Heck, I always forget I have a blog until someone updates theirs. Then I think, "I really should update my blog." And then I rack my brain trying to think of something to blog about... Very very hard. My life is really quite boring, to tell you the truth. Haha.

The past two days have been pretty eventful, though. My mom and brother came up both yesterday and today and took me to lunch! (My brother had some doctor's appointments... He got into a pretty bad bike accident a few weeks ago. He's healing rather rapidly and well.)

My awesome awesome sister is coming home on Saturday (from Alaska) with her equally awesome husband. So the two of them together = awesome awesome awesome awesome. For serious. I'm really excited! I've missed my sister so much. (I just miss having close people in general who will listen to me complain and just give me a shoulder to cry on. Don't have those up here right now. Getting close, though!)

So that's what's going on right now. See? Non-eventful. Awesome.


P.S. I need a prince. :( Too bad I'm super picky.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Letter to life

Dear life,

I think it's time I win one for once.

Love, me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long time.

Yes, it's been a long time. Lots has happened since the last time I posted. First and most important, Prince and I broke up. :( I don't like it, but it had to happen. We're still friends and I hope to stay close to him forever. (Yes, I still love him. Can't exactly just turn that off.)

Second, I will be moving to Salt Lake next month. The apartment I'll be moving into will be ready in 2 weeks. So exciting! I will also be starting massage therapy school in a month. I am so excited and anxious! It'll be good for me to get out. Still don't have a job. That will change SOON.

Anyway. Goin'.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mamma Mia... and other news.

I "finally" got down to watching Mamma Mia. Maybe I should have waited longer. Or seen it when I was like 5.

It was all right. I mean, I love Meryl Streep, and she was completely over-the-top and amazing. I also really like Amanda Seyfried. She doesn't even have a bad voice. +2 for her!

Now, my hang-up with this movie (or rather, hang-upS) is the casting of Colin Firth as the gay possibility for dad and Pierce Brosnan. I won't really talk about Colin Firth, because he's actually a very good actor. Just wish the casting/director pinned him for someone else. Like Pierce Brosnan's role.

Oh, man, I LOATHED Pierce Brosnan in this role. I don't generally like him as an actor, because he always comes across (to me) as the "suave" British guy who uses his accent to get laid. His little thing at the end where he tells Donna (Meryl Streep) that he came back for her? Came across to me as he was just "buttering her up" so he (the character) could get into her (the character)'s pants. Then, there was his singing. Tried too hard to be rock, completely out of key, and you couldn't even hear him over the music half the time. Seriously, Hollywood, think twice before you cast someone who can't sing in a musical. Although Broadway does that, but normally they have actors who make up for that. But Hollywood =/= Broadway.

Okay. Off of my little rant on a stupid movie.

In other news, Prince has been gone since Wednesday and I haven't heard from him this whole time. Pretty sure it's because of the whole Air Force ROTC SCIDM thing and he probably didn't take his phone. I don't even know when he gets back, although I suspect it's Sunday. I hope he gets back soon, because I miss him and we need to have a long chat.

Anyway. I think that's all for me.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

I decided long ago that I like Regina Spektor.

I am just remembering that decision. She's so unique.

Prince has a tri-det competition today for his Air Force stuff. Next week is SCIDM. He's pretty stressed. I feel kinda bad for him sometimes.

My job hunt isn't going very well. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I've been out of the job circuit for nearly 2 years. I don't know.

I decided not to go to BYU Hawaii. Not like you knew about the choice I had. Haha. :D

Anyway. I'm out.