Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I know I don't update this much. Heck, I always forget I have a blog until someone updates theirs. Then I think, "I really should update my blog." And then I rack my brain trying to think of something to blog about... Very very hard. My life is really quite boring, to tell you the truth. Haha.

The past two days have been pretty eventful, though. My mom and brother came up both yesterday and today and took me to lunch! (My brother had some doctor's appointments... He got into a pretty bad bike accident a few weeks ago. He's healing rather rapidly and well.)

My awesome awesome sister is coming home on Saturday (from Alaska) with her equally awesome husband. So the two of them together = awesome awesome awesome awesome. For serious. I'm really excited! I've missed my sister so much. (I just miss having close people in general who will listen to me complain and just give me a shoulder to cry on. Don't have those up here right now. Getting close, though!)

So that's what's going on right now. See? Non-eventful. Awesome.


P.S. I need a prince. :( Too bad I'm super picky.

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  1. well, your post is a bit old, but I can't help to feel the same! I love to blog and I wish I had nice things to tell everyday. I keep on waiting to have something to upload just to have something to write. But please, don't disappear! I never saw your blog before and look, here I am commenting on your post. I hope you have a nice day!